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Junior Team Trials - Group

Each event selected is $90. Minimum 1 barehand and 1 weapon event must be selected.


USAWKF Taolu National Championships & Traditional Team Trials

  1. Registration Cost is $70 & each division selected is $25
  2. All events are National Ranking Events.
  3. At the sole discretion of the Organizing Committee, events and divisions may be combined or divided at any time prior to competition.

Level of Experience

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Introductory Division:

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Traditional Divisions:

Taiji Divisions:

Taijiquan Team Trials

Select one or both divisions

You must select at least one barehand and one weapon events in a division. Each event selected is $90.

Championship Barehand Events

Championship Weapon Events

Demonstration Barehand Events

Demonstration Weapon Events

Sanda Nationals & Junior Team Trials

Division 1 – Children (ages 6-7)

Division 2 – Children (ages 8-9)

Division 3 – Children (ages 10-11)

Championship Children (ages 12-14)

Championship Youth (ages 15-17)

Championship Senior (ages 18+)

Liability Waiver

I, ____________________________________, knowingly and without duress, do voluntarily submit my entry into the 2018 USAWKF JUNIOR, TAIJIQUAN, AND TRADITIONAL TEAM TRIALS AND 2018 USAWKF NATIONAL WUSHU CHAMPIONSHIPS (hereinafter referred to individually and collectively as the “Event”). The Event is sanctioned by the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation, Inc. (USAWKF), and hosted, organized, and administered by United Martial Arts Training Center (UMATC). I hereby assume all risk of physical and mental injuries, disabilities, and losses, which may result from or in connection with my participation in the Event. I fully understand that any medical attention or treatment afforded to me by anyone associated with the Event will be the of the first aid type only. Acting for myself, heirs, personal representatives, and assignees, I do hereby release and forever discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless USAWKF, UMATC, and their respective officers, agents, officials, judges, representatives, servants, employees, volunteers, sponsors and all other related persons and entities from all claims, actions, suits, and controversies at law or in equity by reason of any matter, cause, or thing whatsoever, that I may sustain as a result of or in connection with my participation in the tournaments or events, use of equipment and facilities at the Event, and travel to and from the Event, whether due to negligence, omission, default, or other action of any person or entity. I also understand that participation in the event, especially but not limited to fighting point or full contact sparring matches, entails a great risk of injury, and I assume full responsibility for all of my actions, intentional or otherwise, during and in connection with my participation in the Event. I agree that my performance, attendance, and participation at the Event may be filmed or otherwise recorded or telecast live. I consent to the use by USAWKF and UMATC of my name, likeness, voice, poses, pictures, tournaments or events films, ad biographical data concerning fully or in parts, in any form or language, with or without other material, throughout the world, without limitation, for television, radio, video, theatrical motion pictures, internet, or any other medium by devices now known or hereafter devised, and I do hereby waive any compensation in regard thereof as well as any future rights to the aforementioned. I have read and understand the rules and regulations governing the Event, and I understand that the Event rules and regulations are designed, in part, for the safety and protection of participants in the Event. I agree to abide by the Event rules and regulations. I certify that all information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I have read and fully understand the Waiver listed above

Parents/Guardians of competitors under 18 years old are required to enter their name in the provided field as consent to the waiver on their competitor's behalf.

By submitting this registration I agree to all terms in the above waiver.


Junior Team Trials

Taiji Team Trials

National Championships & Traditional Team Trials

Sanda National Championships & Junior Team Trials

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